Akka Wamp

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Akka Wamp is a WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol implementation written to let both Scala and Java developers build the next generation of reactive web services on top of Akka abstractions.

Akka Wamp provides you with:

  • Simple Client APIs designed to be used with Akka actors, futures and streams.
  • Object-oriented representations of all WAMP Messages,
  • Akka IO extenson driver for the WAMP Protocol.
  • Basic Router you can embed in your applications or launch as standalone process.


Make your Scala or Java build depend on the latest version of akka-wamp:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.github.angiolep" % "akka-wamp_2.12" % "0.15.2"
    <!-- .... -->
dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.angiolep:akka-wamp_2.12:0.15.2'
  // ...


  • Java >= 1.8.0
  • Scala >= 2.12.0
  • Akka >= 2.5.0
  • WebSocket transport only (no raw TCP)
  • WAMP Basic Profile only (none of the Advanced Profile features yet)
  • JSON serialization only (no MsgPack yet)
  • Not yet ready for production


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